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Revealed…for use in your business... vital direct response marketing elements critical to capturing your customers’ undivided attention making them ready to slap their credit card down over and over again. Because growing your business is just too important to settle for “adequate” sales copy and a mediocre marketing plan.

To: Internet Marketers and Business Owners

From: The desk of Perry Droast – Direct Response Copywriter for the Medical Device and Alternative Health Industry

When asked “What’s your biggest marketing problem?” many marketers and business owners respond like this...

My advertising just doesn’t produce consistent results
My advertising costs too much
Sales are off and my advertising isn’t helping

All three of these problems cause a lot of pain and heartache for business owners. However, I don’t believe these answers get to the heart of the matter. They’re really just symptoms of a bigger problem.

In fact, I believe one of the biggest marketing problems any business faces is “advertising information overload”.

Call it what you like:

Advertising burnout
Market message crowding
Advertising chaos

But, what’s that mean to you?

Well, the average US citizen sees or hears 3000 or more marketing messages every day. Western Europeans about the same.

People are literally forced to ignore most marketing messages. They’ve subconsciously trained themselves to tune out advertising or they would become overwhelmed and disoriented.

They’ve learned to filter out anything they perceive as advertising. In order for your message to get past that filter, you must arouse their passionate interest. In fact, if you don’t grab your prospects interest almost instantly your message never gets heard or read.

And you need to gain their attention in a credible, natural way. It's really the best way to connect with them as a human being. By connecting with them as a human being, you establish trust and rapport with your customer. Without trust, no sales are made.

Attention-getting persuasive targeted messages break through that filter like nothing else can.

"But it seems like the hype-filled slash and burn type advertising works so well on the internet."

It does work for some marketers. But people are getting wiser and more sophisticated all the time. And there is a huge segment of the general population that doesn't respond to that type of advertising at all.

So if you want to build a long-term successful business, you can't just rampage around inside your marketplace like a band of pirates, expecting to find buried treasure on every island.

Today’s cutthroat business environment requires your marketing and sales communications to be precisely written, highly targeted, and finely focused in order to produce optimal results. Even more importantly, your credibility must be established and maintained.

Which problem do you want fixed?

Inconsistent sales, low sales, and high advertising costs all result from the same core problem anyway. Your business just isn’t getting enough focused attention from your target market.

The best way to get your market’s attention is to start a friendly conversation with them about a problem they need solved. Once you’ve got their attention, offer them a credible trustworthy solution.

If your product solves a problem for your target market, you've already taken care of the first two critical elements your marketing plan needs to succeed. You recognized their problem and offered them a solution.

Now, you just need to get your customer reaching into their pocket for their wallet.

They’re interested. Now what?

In order to convert attention into dollars, your marketing system must convert readers into buyers consistently and reliably. To accomplish this your marketing must take all seven critical marketing elements into account.

But, before we dig deeper into the last five critical elements your sales and marketing copy needs, let’s talk about the bigger picture. Your marketing plan.

Fine-tune your plan like Napoleon

Whether your business sells on the Internet, out of a warehouse, or from a retail storefront, ramping up your sales and maintaining them becomes a constant battle. In fact, smart business owners approach their marketing plan like the French Emperor Napoleon planned before every battle. He studied his maps and intelligence reports, often working day and night, meticulously planning for every possible contingency.

Although your marketing strategy should be planned just as carefully, you can make adjustments more easily and without the life and death urgency, unlike Napoleon. So if your market changes you can adjust to the changes easily.

Fortunately, you don’t need to slave day and night to do it like Napoleon did. By building your plan carefully, guided by a few direct-response marketing principles, your plan will practically steer itself. A little nudge from you to keep it on course from time to time ensures your profits continue non-stop. That’ll help you sleep easy at night. On the other hand, your competition will likely be burning the midnight oil trying to keep up.

But for that to happen, your marketing and sales copy needs to focus like a laser-guided rocket directly on your prospects. If your advertising hasn’t given you a positive return on investment you need to revise your plan now. Don’t waste another advertising dollar because you deserve good results now.

In reality, an ill-conceived marketing plan along with poorly written sales copy could cost you a boatload of your hard earned cash, returning little or none to your business. Worse yet, it could leave you stranded on a desert island while your competition sails right past you taking all your customers with them.

On the other hand, executing a sharply focused marketing plan utilizing compelling sales copy can create an avalanche of profits for you and your business.

Better yet, your customers will thank you in the process.

What about those seven critical elements?

We covered the first two elements already. Add in one more and you've got a psychological trigger creating urgent interest in your prospects mind. Most copywriters don't fully understand this triggering process. But I do.

Many copywriters would tell you it’s crucial to turn features into benefits in your sales copy. That’s true.

They’ll explain people buy on emotion and afterwards justify their decision using logic. That’s true too.

But the sales process goes much deeper than that. In order to motivate a potential customer into whipping out their credit card right now, your sales copy must include all seven critical elements or steps of the buying process. Leave out just one and sales start to drop off.

Fortunately one of my mentors showed me this marketing secret only a select few people know about. I’ve agreed not to divulge my source, but I am allowed to use it in your marketing copy.

So how’s it work?

When these critical steps do their job, your marketing copy takes your prospects hand and gently guides them through the entire process of buying your product or service. Thoroughly tested by my secret marketing mentor, leaving out just one critical element lowers your sales immediately. Leave out more than one and sales drop even more.

Making sure those elements excite your customers into taking action is my job.

Advertising pain relief found

Your pain was my pain. A few years ago, when my wife and I owned a custom drapery business along with a retail gift and clothing business, the local newspaper got most of our advertising budget. What was left went to the yellow pages and a few other local publications.

Fortunately for us, word of mouth from our customers created more business for us than any other source. Customers dropped by the store just to talk with my wife. Invariably they bought something too. But when my wife wasn’t there, sales dropped off immediately. That’s not a good problem to have, unless you like to live at your business.

After spending thousands of dollars on advertising one business succeeded. Unfortunately the other one failed. I desperately needed to find out how to market the right way.

The school of hard knocks taught me two things…

1. Infuse your personality into your sales copy and people respond
2. Most people want cheap mini-blinds not custom-made draperies.

What’s the final take-away?

Sell to a hungry crowd using your own voice in their language.

Marketing mindset earned through hard study

Once the hard lessons learned in the world of business sank in, I realized there must be a secret to better sales and marketing. So I started studying.

I attended a couple of Internet marketing and copywriting seminars. That was accompanied by a great deal of personal study. I managed to pick the brain of one of the most successful business owners in the town where I live. We first met while installing the custom draperies my wife made for their kitchen and dining room.

She and her husband build successful businesses and then sell them for huge profits. Often more than one business at a time. Luckily for me, her furniture business was just two doors down the street from our store. And because she had known my wife for years, she graciously answered my questions. The real world experience she passed on to me helps me understand and solve marketing problems on a daily basis.

I studied many marketing classics like Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins. In fact I read it seven times just like advertising genius David Ogilvy recommends.

After that, I started in with books by Joseph Sugarman, John Caples, and Jay Abraham, quickly followed by Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene Schwartz. The Robert Collier Book is always on my desk. And I still study marketing almost daily.

I participated in a seminar where David Garfinkel – often called the World’s Greatest Copywriting Teacher - taught us his methods of writing effective sales copy. The breakout session with him was even better because of the small class size.

Then I went to graduate school for my copywriting Masters degree. The Maine Authentic-Copy Intensive taught by Tina Lorenz.

By the end of the four-day seminar, I felt as if I’d been through a mind meld with Tina. She held absolutely nothing back about how she writes “authentic copy” for her clients. She gave us an incredible amount of individual attention. This seminar tied all of my previous studies together into a cohesive body of copywriting skill and knowledge.

More recently, I acquired my copywriting and marketing PhD degree. I didn’t get it from some college or university though. I invested in “The Bencivenga 100 Seminar” package. Gary Bencivenga gave a one-time seminar when he retired from his distinguished direct response copywriting career a couple of years ago.

I couldn’t attend but as soon as he started selling the DVDs and the 520-page transcript I snapped it up. I’m still devouring it. Any way you look at it, this is better than any PhD I could earn from a real university. Gary, often called the greatest living copywriter, poured his heart and soul into this seminar. I’ve already watched it twice from beginning to end and am working my way through the book for the second time. I can’t reveal anything he taught due to the confidentiality agreement I signed when I made the purchase, but I can certainly apply the knowledge to your marketing and sales copy. Incredible is the word I’d use to describe it.

There really is a better way to market your business

Through my pursuit of knowledge, I discovered direct response advertising techniques work better than any other type of advertising. The best methods of gaining new customers and selling more to your current customers aren’t so hard to implement in your marketing plan once you know how.

You just need to know the proper way to do it.

Bludgeon your market? No need. Finesse them instead.

Sadly, your local yellow page sales person and newspaper ad rep can’t provide what you need. Most traditional advertising agencies aren’t a whole lot better. Their type of “brand advertising” may work for large corporate clients with massive advertising budgets but that’s out of reach for most Internet marketers and small business owners.

In typical “Madison Avenue” fashion, large corporations literally bludgeon the market with their ads. While exercising on the elliptical trainer at the gym recently, I saw the same commercial playing on three of the six TV screens located at the front of the room, all at the same time. Imagine how much that marketing campaign must cost. Worse yet, their results aren’t even measurable. So how do they actually know their advertising works? It’s likely they don’t.

On the other hand, I watched five minutes of an infomercial on TV and immediately wanted the tool they were selling. It was a great ad with all the direct response triggers embedded into it. Because I’ve seen that ad run several times I know it’s working for that particular marketer. What a great example of marketing finesse.

When your marketing message is carefully crafted, it literally sneaks in under your prospects advertising radar without setting off an alarm.

Everyone needs a website. Right?

Unless they're trained and experienced in direct response marketing techniques, most typical web designers usually recommend a website full of flash movies and fancy graphics. While that fancy website may stroke his ego along with yours, it won’t make many sales for you.

The average customer spends an average of 7 seconds on a site, scanning to see if it has what they’re looking for. John Carlton, world renowned copywriting genius, told us at a recent seminar that more recent studies have shown you may have less than one second to get the web visitor to start reading your website.

If you don’t grab their attention instantly they’re clicking on to the next site, probably one of your competitors.

Most of them simply won’t wait around for the fancy flash movies to load. In this age of instant information customers increasingly feel rushed and impatient.

Don't misunderstand me. A nicely designed graphic definitely helps grab attention. But it needs to load fast.

YES. Everyone needs a website. But it needs to be designed and written with the customer experience in mind.

Grab your customer's attention right now using...

A bold, interesting, curiosity rousing, fast to read headline that breaks into the conversation already going on inside their head. If you don’t have one, they’re gone.

But how do I get one of those, you ask? And besides, I don’t want some hyped up copy that screams "pushy sales letter" right away and scares everyone off.

You’re absolutely right. You need a site or ad that grabs attention immediately, but does so in an honest and compelling fashion, so people keep reading. The headline needs to zero in on your target market’s bull’s-eye. If it sounds like overblown hype and isn’t believable your prospect isn’t one anymore. In fact, slight understatement may just work better for your business.

The best-kept marketing secret (at least it was kept secret by my marketing professors in college) is that well written direct response ad copy grabs their attention and won’t let go. Although you probably already know that, and you may even be an expert copywriter yourself, you still need an outside direct response copywriter.

Why is that?

Time and perspective

Two reasons.

One - Sometimes a business owner becomes so closely tied up inside their business it becomes hard to find that unique angle, or unique selling proposition (USP), that differentiates their business from that of their competitors.

Sometimes you just need a new perspective. I dig deep into your business to find your USP and your story, and then develop it mercilessly in your marketing copy.

Two - the day-to-day tasks of keeping your business running smoothly create plenty of distractions. Which makes concentrating on writing good hard-hitting copy that much harder. By farming out your copywriting, you gain valuable time better spent on what you do best.

Let’s put it another way. While you’re working on sales copy, you aren’t working on new product development or customer service. And those two tasks are integral to continued profit growth. If your business isn’t winning the battle…your business is losing the war.

Just because you have the ability to do everything yourself, do you have the
time it takes to do it right? Make sure you’re spending your time on the aspects of your business only you can do.

Any way you look at it, your business can benefit immensely by using direct response techniques no matter which medium you advertise in. Online or off, direct response sales copy and techniques out pull typical Madison Avenue “branding” style advertising every time.

As an added bonus, your direct response sales copy still gives your business a unique brand. Because when you market your backend products to your existing customers they’ll immediately associate your name with the great products they already own.

But instead of attempting to create a brand and hoping for sales, you’ll make the sales and grow the brand in the process.

Seven ways to grow your bottom-line starting right now

Here are just seven ways your sales numbers can jump dramatically. And once they're working for you, they continue working day and night.

Websites that pull more paying customers than you dreamed possible
Cost effective web advertising that triggers sales while you’re sipping a Mai-Tai on the beach in Hawaii
Free publicity that drives traffic to your website or your store
White paper strategies that gain you customers and keep them coming back for more
Email marketing that pulls every time you hit the send button
Auto-responders that work harder than your highest paid salesman
Newspaper and yellow page ads that don’t look like ads but actually work

Depending on your type of business, you probably only need to implement two or three of these strategies to substantially increase leads or sales.

What do all these advertising methods have in common?

Somebody skilled and knowledgeable writes the copy.

Writing direct response sales copy takes time and specialized knowledge. It takes careful thought along with a marketer's mindset.

That's where I can help you. Through diligent study and years of application, I’ve honed my marketing mindset to a fine edge. The copy I write for you will become the hardest working salesman you’ll ever employ. Better yet, because your copy does the hard work of selling for your business, your time is now freed up. That allows you to concentrate on product development and providing a great customer experience so your customers will want to come back for more time and again.

But will this work for my business?

Absolutely it will work.

Because of my entrepreneurial small business experience along with 23 years of writing about and repairing medical laboratory analyzers I can assure you it works. It doesn’t really matter if you sell new or used medical devices, alternative health information and newsletters, or anything else medically related. I’ll write you copy that stimulates your prospects to action without setting off their hype-meter.

Through the years, I’ve written service manuals, technical bulletins, upgrade procedures, product descriptions, and just about everything else a company needs to sell, service, and maintain a medical device. When I wasn’t writing about them, I was in front of customers selling service contracts and consumables, fixing the analyzers, or training someone else how to do it.

Most recently, I traveled with a marketing road show making customer presentations and giving individual tours of a robotic laboratory automation system contained inside the biggest tractor-trailer rig I’ve ever seen.

A little more about my background might help

Before I studied computers and electronics and entering the medical device field, I worked as a transmission mechanic.

About now you’re probably thinking “What the heck does that have to do with selling?”

Let me explain.

First, I always test drove the customer’s vehicle along with the customer. After pointing out anything I noticed wrong with the way it shifted or drove we started the dirty work. They watched while I drained the oil and pulled the pan off their transmission. At that point based on what we found in the pan, I either sold them a service or an internal inspection. The customer’s participation built real trust between us. I couldn’t sell them a fan belt if they didn’t trust me.

Once I got their agreement on the inspection, I had them right where I wanted them. I almost always sold them a $600 to $1200 rebuild. This was in the early 1980s mind you.

And the best part is, I never had to lie to them. The truth always worked just fine. If I found worn or damaged parts I could point to exactly why they were bad. Because I was the mechanic with the grease under my fingernails and on my uniform, my words carried a lot more credibility than the shop owner that looked like a salesman.

Fortunately I worked for a smart shop owner that let me do all the hard selling. He only provided a cup of coffee, the estimate, and the bill at the end of the job.

The customers trusted me because I showed them the pile of metal in the pan along with the bad parts. Then I explained everything in simple terms they understood, instead of technical jargon that would just confuse them. They really appreciated it.

This was some of the best face-to-face sales training anyone could ever get. And yet the customer never once saw me as a salesman. By the end of the sales process, not only was I was their friend; they saw me as an expert they could rely upon for the truth. And I always gave it to them.

And that’s the same way I approach each copywriting job. I look inside your product or service and inspect it just like I did the 300 plus parts inside an automatic transmission. Although each piece is important, some are more important than others. I make sure your copy speaks with your voice and uses the same language your target market understands.

Once I assemble your sales copy, it will work like a finely tuned Mercedes Benz. Giving you faithful dependable sales results over and over again.

Just how important is honest sales copy?

It’s a key component to selling these days. Most people are jaded about the sales experience at this point. Today’s educated customers just don’t trust sales people. They click away from overblown hype-filled sales letters too.

Above all, they definitely don’t like to be sold. But they sure do like to buy.

If you don’t believe me go down to your local mall this weekend and sit on a bench for an hour or two. You’ll be amazed at the volume of packages and bags leaving the stores in the arms of customers. Some shoppers can barely stagger out to their car they’re so over loaded.

Fortunately, I’ve studied advanced copywriting and Internet marketing techniques with one of the fast flying, below the radar, copywriting geniuses of our time, Tina Lorenz. I’ve learned how to pull out all the stops while writing substantive ethical copy that speaks directly to your prospects.

By getting involved in the conversation already going on inside your prospects mind, your sales copy directly involves them with your product or service. Once they’re involved you’ve got them hooked. All you need to do is reel them in.

Are you qualified as a client?

You need to know right up front I’m not willing to write for just anybody. Specifically I'd love to write for you if you sell…

Medical devices or analyzers
Health related newsletters or information products
Alternative health products and supplements
Computer hardware and software products
Organic Gardening and other organic products
Home Remodeling and Improvement products
Other qualified ethical products and services

If you’re qualified, contact me now for a free marketing consultation.

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Once your needs are clarified, we’ll discuss whether or not we’re a good fit to work together. You’ll find I’m easy to work with and hold a broad market view. If I think your plan is way off base, I’ll let you know. And if your plan looks and sounds right on, I’ll be sure to tell you that too.

But I won’t stop there. By suggesting a simple change or two your marketing could take a big leap forward. Once we agree on a course of action, I focus my entire being on creating the best package possible for you. I’m not in this business to stroke my ego…the only thing I care about is making you money.

Once committed, I focus on your project entirely. I don’t schedule more than one at a time. I prefer to focus all my creative energy into your project when I’m working on it. That allows me to dig deep into your product or service and inside the mind of your target market.

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I check email at least two times a day and sometimes more often.

One last thing. If all you need is a little copy tweak on an existing package or website to breath new life into your marketing, I’ll let you know. I’m not interested in leading you down the garden path. I’m sure your time is just as valuable as mine. I promise not to waste it. And if your marketing copy doesn’t need a full rewrite, I’ll tell you.

The Droast Copy guarantee

I absolutely guarantee you’ll love your copy or I’ll revise it at my cost. If need be, I’ll revise it twice within 30 days of final submission. Entirely at my expense. Either you get a response or I revise it so you do.

Please keep in mind that I’m not in the “A” level copywriter price range yet. But I don’t work for peanuts either. So if you’re looking for an elephant-sized project for mouse-sized fees we probably won’t be a good fit.

So fill out the
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But before I forget: Please don’t bother me if you…

a. …sell illegal products or you send spam email
b. …market porn or anything related to the “Adult Industry”
c. …want me to misrepresent your product

I just won’t work with folks involved in those types of businesses.

Your Sales Partner,

Perry Droast

Perry Droast

P.S. If I feel I really can’t help you, I’ll let you know right away. I’m always happy to part friends. But if we do decide to work together, get ready for some fun. Together we’ll create a profitable chapter in your business life.

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